Playing the violin can be the most expressive and creative experience. 

The private and group classes encourage students to be free, creative and give them an uplifting musical experience.


  • Home studio teaching
  • Weekly appointments (two short lessons per week is preferred for    beginners)
  • For Beginners through to pre-tertiary level
  • Help and guidance for parents
  • Performance opportunities (concerts, master-classes, festivals)
  • Exam/competition preparation
  • Limited availability


  • Home studio classes
  • Children enjoy playing a variety of chamber music, interactive games and develop valuable friendships in a fun, relaxed environment
  • Parents welcome
  • Limited availability (7 children max. per class) 


Even at age zero, a child can begin to develop their musical skills; 'Musicianship'. 

The private and group classes in musicianship give students an uplifting musical experience and are practical to any instrumental study.

UNDER THREE YEARS: the emphasis of the musicianship training is active engagement with music and enjoyment of music. Simple songs, nursery rhymes and interactive games are used to encourage a strong feel for beat, coordination and in-tune singing.  

AGE THREE TO FOUR YEARS: the emphasis at this age is  understanding - bringing known musical concepts to a conscious level.  

Children learn to recognise rhythms using names and symbols. 

Children extend their pitch range and recognition, develop inner-hearing and sing songs using the moveable solfeggio (do re mi) system. 

AGE FOUR TO SIX YEARS: further understanding the solfeggio and rhythm notation so children are able to compose and improvise.  

Begin part-singing and accompaniment. 

Work co-operatively and solo with confidence. 

Express different musical moods and feelings.

Emphasis is still on active engagement and enjoying music. At this age most children are encouraged to begin instrumental study.

PRIMARY SCHOOL: refining and developing musical concepts with emphasis on understanding and application. 

Sight-singing, conducting, leading a group and refinement of skills in preparation relative to their instrumental study. 


HIGH SCHOOL: more emphasis on understanding and application of their skills using sight singing, theory worksheets, composition, leading or being part of an ensemble, preparing for exams and performing. 

Encouraging teaching younger siblings or school friends for further understanding their own skills and musical concepts. 

Private Lessons 

  • Home studio teaching
  • For Beginners through to tertiary level
  • Sight-singing and conducting
  • Explore the fundamentals of music and music making
  • Exam preparation

Group Classes

  • Home studio classes
  • Children develop listening, reading, rhythm and singing skills through interactive games and group activities
  • Children learn to appreciate music from a wide range of genres and cultures
  • Students develop confidence and creativity, making valuable friendships in a fun and relaxed environment
  • Parents welcome
  • Limited availability